Voting Errors Reported

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Contact: David Sun, Campaign Manager, Marek for Memphis
(901)614-9213 (o)

Voting Errors Reported

MEMPHIS, TN, September 21st, 2015: During the first weekend of early voting, the Marek for Memphis campaign received a phone call from Ron Stocking. He stated that he and his wife had attempted to vote early, but their ballots kept showing district 7 instead of district 5. Election officials agreed that the Stockings live in district 5, but they could not set their ballots to district 5. Mrs. Stocking had already voted, and the election officials told her there was nothing they could do to allow her to vote in district 5. Mr. Stocking was allowed to vote via a provisional ballot only.

During the 2012 school board elections, similar errors occurred. Thousands of voters were disenfranchised by being placed in the wrong districts. Unless this issue is addressed immediately, we risk a repeat of the 2012 school board elections.

The Marek for Memphis campaign has contacted the Shelby County Election Commission to correct this error before it grows, but has yet to hear back.